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How to Prepare for Your Nonprofit’s Website Project: 21 Practical Questions to Ask Yourself

The starting point of a nonprofit website is the hardest piece to get right. But when done well, it lays the foundation your organization needs to create an asset that motivates your community and gets visitors taking action.
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113 Nonprofit Marketing Tactics to Get More Awareness and Donors [2024]

We asked our clients, quizzed our network, and scoured the internet for over 100 marketing tactics nonprofits can use to get more traffic and build awareness. This article contains many actionable strategies and tactics to improve your organization’s marketing.
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How to Name a Nonprofit in 10 Practical Steps [+ 121 Examples]

How do you come up with a nonprofit name? It’s easy! Well, okay, maybe not easy…but it can be simple. Use these hands-on frameworks to guide your brainstorming and help you name your nonprofit.
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Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Craft Stories That Build Relationships & Motivate Supporters

Storytelling is critical to any nonprofit organization that needs to motivate supporters. (Which is every nonprofit, right?) These tips will help you craft a compelling narrative and incorporate that overarching story in engaging micro-stories.
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24 Outstanding Nonprofit Logos & Why They Work So Well [2024]

The best nonprofit logos are simple, easy to recognize, and in line with the organization’s overall brand messaging. See these traits in action here—with examples ranging from formal and serious to quirky, colorful, and clever.
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Best Nonprofit Website Design: 26 Examples for Ideas & Inspiration

Looking to kick off your nonprofit website redesign? Start by checking out these awesome website examples with excellent visual design. Colors, fonts, textures, and shapes—oh my!
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