How We Work

Step 1

Are we a fit?

We’ll jump on a friendly call to talk about your nonprofit and goals.

After going through a few questions about your organization, your audience, and what you want to mean to your community, we’ll explain how we work and you can ask us whatever you’d like.

If you’re ready for a free 20-minute strategy call, schedule it using the calendar below.

Step 2

Get your customized Nonprofit Beacon ($495)

No two organizations share the same mission and community. No two organizations share the same communication needs and approach.

That’s why we always begin every website project with a Nonprofit Beacon.

In this 2-hour structured interview, we’ll connect the dots between your organization, your community, and what the future looks like for your mission.

After we’re finished, we’ll provide you with your 20+ page Nonprofit Beacon brief, which includes:

  • A high-level summary of what you should start doing and stop doing on your website to connect with your community—from funders and donors to participants, partners, volunteers & more
  • An actionable blueprint containing your ideal website visitor journey, your strongest branding opportunities, a suggested site map, and your biggest messaging/content gaps
  • A customized roadmap for how to drive action online

Take the recommendations in your Nonprofit Beacon to implement everything yourself with confidence, or hire us to take care of it for you. No strings attached either way.

The cost of the Nonprofit Beacon gets applied toward your project if you decide to move forward working with us.

Featured work

Nonprofit website projects that started with a Nonprofit Beacon

“The website launched just over a week ago…we have seen a five-fold increase in people who are reaching out to us.”

Sam Price CEO, Ten16 Recovery Network

“The success that we’ve received with visitors coming to our website has been above 100%.”

Kaylee Quertermus Director of Communication and PR, The Caregiver Incentive Project

“Pixel Lighthouse completely exceeded our expectations and did an incredible job telling our story through our website.”

Madison Gonzalez Executive Director, Morning Light

“We’ve had a tremendous response from our donors, our board members, and our casual fans. Every level of the engagement exceeded my expectations.”

Jonathan Jacobs (JJ) Executive Director, Rawkstars

“We wanted a website that was fun but also that communicated the seriousness of what we do. Pixel Lighthouse totally understood that need.

Naomi Shafer Executive Director, Clowns Without Borders

“Our board was delighted with the results. We love it, and we’re so very grateful.”

Vicki Campanella Development Director, Gilroy Foundation


Shine a light on your nonprofit's brand

Depending on your organization’s goals, we’ll put together a custom website & branding package to help you get to where you want to go with your nonprofit.

Sparkler icon by Pixel Lighthouse

Spark Brand

This option is best for organizations that need a functional website at an affordable price. We’ll develop your brand, provide messaging guidelines, and create a design specifically tailored to connect with your community.

This package can include website design of your key pages, brand materials, content writing for your homepage, and assistance with subpage content writing to make sure you have the foundation needed for a website that connects.

Work time: 6 weeks


*Previous payment from the Nonprofit Beacon is applied to the cost.

Lantern icon by Pixel Lighthouse

Lantern Brand

This package helps nonprofit organizations grow through refreshed branding and a new website. The Lantern Brand package is our most popular service and fits the needs of most nonprofits we come across.

This package can include website design and development, brand messaging and materials, site structure planning, content writing, newsletter creation and optimization, and marketing collateral creation.

Work time: 8-12 weeks


*Previous payment from the Nonprofit Beacon is applied to the cost.

Lighthouse icon by Pixel Lighthouse

Lighthouse Brand

With the Lighthouse Brand, your org’s brand will shine for miles around. This package is best for nonprofits with extensive website and branding needs.

This package can include website design and development, advanced website features, brand strategy and materials, site structure planning, content writing, data visualizations, animations, newsletter optimization, marketing strategy, and more intensive marketing collateral.

Work time: 12-16 weeks


*Previous payment from the Nonprofit Beacon is applied to the cost.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of nonprofit is the Nonprofit Beacon for?

Nonprofits that have been operating for at least 2 years with somewhere between $1M and $7M in annual revenue get the most benefit from the Nonprofit Beacon. Orgs we work with should also currently have a website that’s public and accessible. This is so we can make informed decisions regarding how to better reach your community and understand the landscape within which you plan to grow.

What kind of nonprofit is the Nonprofit Beacon NOT for?

Nonprofits larger than $15M in annual revenue may need a different approach, depending on your goals for the site. Feel free to book a strategy call and we can provide suggestions for how we would approach your situation.

What does the Nonprofit Beacon contain?

The Nonprofit Beacon includes 20+ pages of practical suggestions for how to improve your content, design, and website features so you resonate with visitors. It also outlines your current content gaps, contains a visual visitor journey with problem areas highlighted, and provides a suggested sitemap. In short, the Nonprofit Beacon covers everything you need to create a strategic nonprofit website that allows your organization to grow.

Can we skip the Nonprofit Beacon and go straight to the project?

The Nonprofit Beacon is the first step in our website creation process. It ensures that we create the right thing: a new website that can match your growth plans for the future. We require all new projects to start with the Nonprofit Beacon even if you’ve already decided you’d like to work together. (If you do move forward with us, the cost of the Beacon will be deducted from your project price, so there’s no difference in total investment.)

Do we have to work with Pixel Lighthouse after the Nonprofit Beacon?

Not at all! The Nonprofit Beacon is designed to be completely transferable and actionable for everyone. Plenty of organizations work with us just for the Nonprofit Beacon with no intention of building the website together. You’re welcome to take the information in your Nonprofit Beacon and implement things internally, use it as your roadmap with another agency, or refer to it as the basis for an RFP.

What is the timeline for the Nonprofit Beacon?

The Nonprofit Beacon session is 2 hours long. Ten days afterward, we’ll send you your completed Nonprofit Beacon brief. We’ll then meet for an additional 30 minutes where we can answer any questions you have about the document.

All three of the above packages begin with the Nonprofit Beacon ($495).

The Beacon is what ensures we create a website that meets the needs of your organization while matching the expectations of your community. With the blueprint outlined in the Nonprofit Beacon, your organization will illuminate the path forward for all of your community to see.

To get started with your Nonprofit Beacon, schedule your free strategy session today.