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Feel like your org’s current online presence won’t get you where you want to go? We can help you:

  • Reach more people
  • Build deeper relationships
  • Make a bigger impact

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    Pixel Lighthouse

    We help nonprofits build their community by creating websites that take visitors on a journey


    Does your org’s brand come across as it should? We’ll help you articulate who you are and why your mission matters, creating a compelling brand story that resonates with your audience.

    Website Development

    A messy website stands between your organization and the impact you could be making. We can design and build a website that guides your visitors to take action.

    Digital Strategy

    It’s not enough to “just” have a website. Instead, you need a plan for how your website fits into the bigger picture of your nonprofit’s goals and how you interact with your community.

    Your org needs a brand that connects with your community and a website that gets visitors taking action.

    You’re a nonprofit communication professional ready for the next phase of your org. But you know your current online presence won’t get you there.

    Many organizations grow faster than their websites can keep up. That’s a good thing because it means you’re creating more impact…

    …but it’s also a bad thing because it means you’ve hit a ceiling. To do more good, you need a website that reaches more people and represents you well. Your org’s current site isn’t building relationships with your visitors, and you know it.

    Your situation changed, but your website didn’t keep up.

    Do any of the following apply to you?

    • You find yourself working AROUND your website (instead of alongside it).
    • Your site doesn’t communicate the right message about your org’s brand.
    • You avoid sending people your URL for fear it will confuse them or push them away.
    • You can’t update the site’s content without either A) worrying about breaking something, or B) having to pay an expensive consultant to make simple changes.
    • Your site feels like it’s just kind of “there” and doesn’t really help your organization.
    • You recognize your site is a problem, but you don’t know where to start.
    • Your site just isn’t telling your story well and getting people to take action.

    We get it: you wear a hundred hats, and “website designer” isn’t one of them.

    Nonprofit website projects are frequently messy & painful. But they don’t have to be.

    When you’re trying to reach several audiences at once (program participants, donors, funders, volunteers, partners, the general public, and on and on), it’s easy to see why most nonprofit websites become confusing. Having a complicated mission you can’t communicate in one sentence, running many programs with different requirements, and needing to get board approval for the website only complicates the situation.

    So, you’re stuck: you have a website that isn’t getting you where you want to go. You need a new website for your org, but you have to avoid the common issues above at all costs. (Otherwise, you’ll just end up right where you are again as soon as you’ve redesigned the site.)

    What can you do?

    To grow, your nonprofit needs an online presence that resonates.

    Your org doesn’t need “just” a redesigned website. Redesigning your org’s site without the proper groundwork will put you right back where you started. Instead, you need a totally new approach—one that ensures you have an online presence that connects with your community.

    In short, you need a website that’s based on:

    • Your mission and vision
    • Your community’s needs, wants, and expectations
    • Your team and other stakeholders
    • Your plans for the future trajectory of your nonprofit
    • Your org’s brand and authentic connections with your visitors

    Are you ready to get a refreshed brand and website that resonates with your visitors, represents your org well, and empowers you to do more good in the world?

    Our Promise

    Your nonprofit needs an authentic brand and an effective website to connect with your community

    Get a nonprofit website that works

    Here’s what an effective nonprofit website looks like:

    • Expresses who you are in an empathetic way so that your community feels drawn into your story.
    • Communicates your mission through a combination of messaging, visuals, and features so that visitors understand the entirety of the change you’re creating.
    • Presents a clear visitor journey for all audiences so that visitors always know where to go next.
    • Rallies your team around a shared purpose and vision so that your work has form both online and off.
    • Saves your staff time so that you don’t have to struggle against a broken platform.
    • Represents your organization authentically so that you build trust with your community and supporters.

    Are easy-to-fix website mistakes pushing your community away?

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      About Us

      A small team with big hearts

      Hey there! We’re Austin and Andrea. đź‘‹

      We help nonprofits that are ready to grow turn confusing, outdated websites into an active tool for driving community engagement. Our agency is small—headed by the two of us!—and we bring our expertise in brand messaging, visual design, and software development to every project. When you work with us, you’re with us every step of the way. No impersonal hand-offs to project managers and no being left to wonder what’s happening with your site.

      We only work with organizations whose missions we genuinely believe in—ensuring we match our clients’ passion in every project.


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      "The website launched just over a week ago...we have seen a five-fold increase in people who are reaching out to us."
      Sam Price CEO, Ten16 Recovery Network
      "The success that we've received with visitors coming to our website has been above 100%."
      Kaylee Quertermus Director of Communication and PR, The Caregiver Incentive Project
      "Pixel Lighthouse completely exceeded our expectations and did an incredible job telling our story through our website."
      Madison Gonzalez Executive Director, Morning Light
      "We've had a tremendous response from our donors, our board members, and our casual fans. Every level of the engagement exceeded my expectations."
      Jonathan Jacobs (JJ) Executive Director, Rawkstars
      "Our finished website literally brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy."
      Eric Paad Executive Director, The Caregiver Incentive Project
      "Our board was delighted with the results. We love it, and we're so very grateful."
      Vicki Campanella Development Director, Gilroy Foundation

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