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Most nonprofit websites are confusing

Ask yourself…

  • Is your organization’s website confusing for visitors?
  • Are you afraid your site fails to convey the passion and impact you’re bringing to your cause?
  • Do funders know what you do and how you do it?
  • Can your staff keep your programs, images, and reports up to date?
  • Are there so many problems you don’t even know where to start?

The bottom line?

For many of your constituents, their first—and maybe only—exposure to your organization will be through your website. It’s critical to introduce your nonprofit in an intuitive, clear, and engaging manner, or else they’ll be leaving your site in the blink of an eye. If you’re not using your website strategically, you’re missing out on people who are actively trying to find organizations just like yours.

A little strategy goes a long way

A little strategy goes a long way

Many nonprofit websites struggle to convey the value the organization brings to the world.

They’re organized in a way that visitors can’t understand, and most people will leave rather than spend time trying to decipher the message. These websites may look fairly polished, but they don’t present their information in an intuitive, visitor-friendly manner. Perhaps most critically, these websites often fail to assure donors that their funds are being used responsibly. And since the content is typically difficult for staff to update and maintain, even good information on the site quickly becomes out of date.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Your organization’s website can serve as a hub where people discover the impact you’re making and join you in your mission. Rather than just existing, your nonprofit’s website can serve as an asset that actively grows your organization.

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    "With Austin's help, we're able to receive more donations and track them better without getting buried in all that data"

    Austin goes out of his way to meet your organization’s needs while remaining in-budget and on time. He helped us to accomplish our goals with our various web-based fundraising efforts and made the entire process a breeze. I would highly recommend him to other nonprofits who are seeking to expand their web presence.

    Maria Ochoa Operations Manager, GRACE, Inc.
    "Austin is thorough, clear, patient, flexible and wonderful to work with"

    Although Austin is an outside provider, he feels like part of our team because of the care and dedication he gives to his work.

    Cristina Cartagena Operations Manager & Executive Assistant, End Child Poverty in CA
    "I love that Austin is very good about translating web-speak into layperson terms"

    If I were to describe Austin to someone else I would say that he is an excellent and communicative team member who listens to what we need to get done and suggests the best ways to do it. Updating a web site can be confusing with multiple iterations and approvals, so the fact that Austin is proactive, clear, and quick in his responses helps us keep our projects humming along.

    Evelyn Shoop Outreach Consultant, Evelyn Shoop Editorial

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