No-stress nonprofit website design & branding

If your mission-driven organization is looking for a reinvigorated website & brand that won’t…

  • Monopolize time your team doesn’t have
  • Balloon out of budget
  • Turn into a massive headache for staff
  • Frustrate your board & leadership
  • Discourage donors, funders & beneficiaries
  • Leave you no better off than where you are now

…you’re in the right place! 🥳

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Nonprofit websites are hard.

We understand. Here are just a few of the running themes we’ve heard from the 250+ nonprofits we’ve spoken with:

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“I don’t make changes because I’m afraid of breaking things. Our site is incredibly out of date.”

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“We have SO many different audiences with wildly divergent needs. It’s hard to speak to everyone.”

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“People just don’t understand our mission. They can’t wrap their heads around what we do, much less why we do it.”

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“We have so much content, but it’s all disorganized. Our message gets lost in everything we have to offer.”

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“We have amazing stories from staff, volunteers, donors, and participants…but we aren’t giving them a voice.”

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“Our site doesn’t inspire confidence in would-be supporters. It undermines the trust we need to build.”

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“Our website doesn’t tell our story in a compelling way. There’s no emotion or real human connection.”

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“When people visit our site, most leave after reading a page or two. Few take any sort of action.”

Every visitor is an opportunity.

To reach your many audiences, your nonprofit’s website needs to:

  • Tell a compelling story
  • Create a strong impression
  • Build deep trust
  • Take visitors on a journey through your mission
  • Reflect the needs of your community
  • Be simple and easy to manage internally
  • Inspire meaningful action

The most effective nonprofit website will do all of these things at once, speaking on your behalf — motivating would-be supporters and participants to take that next step with your org.

How we work with nonprofits

We approach nonprofit websites as the complex, multifaceted communication puzzles that they are. We work on each piece in tandem (including the copy, design, & development) so that the end result fits together perfectly for your specific organization and community.

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We’ll help you refine your tone and personality so that you speak in one unified, cohesive voice — and so that anyone can understand what you do and why it matters.

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We’ll tell your story visually through color, imagery, typography, and custom pops of personality, helping you make an emotional connection with every visitor.

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Your website won’t be a pretty picture you’re too afraid to touch. We’ll pull your messaging and design into a system that’s simple and intuitive to manage, even for the non-techie members of your team.

Andrea and Austin Hattox

Why Pixel Lighthouse?

We help nonprofits turn confusing, messy, and outdated websites into active tools for impact.

Our agency is small — headed by just the two of us (Austin and Andrea!). When you work with us, we’re with you every step of the way. No impersonal handoffs to project managers and no being left to wonder what’s happening with your site. We work closely with you from site kickoff all the way up until site launch (and beyond).

We only work with organizations whose missions we genuinely believe in — ensuring we match our clients’ passion in every project.

What nonprofits like you have to say

“The website launched just over a week ago…we have seen a five-fold increase in people who are reaching out to us.”

Sam Price CEO, Ten16 Recovery Network

“The success that we’ve received with visitors coming to our website has been above 100%.”

Kaylee Quertermus Director of Communication and PR, The Caregiver Incentive Project

“Pixel Lighthouse completely exceeded our expectations and did an incredible job telling our story through our website.”

Madison Gonzalez Executive Director, Morning Light

“We’ve had a tremendous response from our donors, our board members, and our casual fans. Every level of the engagement exceeded my expectations.”

Jonathan Jacobs (JJ) Executive Director, Rawkstars

“We wanted a website that was fun but also that communicated the seriousness of what we do. Pixel Lighthouse totally understood that need.

Naomi Shafer Executive Director, Clowns Without Borders

“Our board was delighted with the results. We love it, and we’re so very grateful.”

Vicki Campanella Development Director, Gilroy Foundation
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Want some DIY, do-it-right-now nonprofit website improvement instead?

Download our free guide to the 54 most common nonprofit website mistakes. Inside, we cover why each problem matters and how you can fix things yourself.

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Case studies & site scroll-throughs

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Ten16 Recovery Network

Crafting a new identity that invites clients to begin a new journey

Ten16 Recovery Network knew their old website wasn’t establishing the trust and credibility they needed to reach more people. We helped them develop a refreshed online presence that drastically improved the number of people reaching out every week.

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Clowns Without Borders

A website "performance" that wins the crowd

Clowns Without Borders needed a website that would tell their story as well as the stories of those affected by their mission. We helped them create a website and brand that matched their playful approach to making the world a better place.

Computer screen

Energizing youth via a website with authentic personality

Rawkstars had a simple website that told the broad strokes of their programs, but not much else. We helped them by creating a website and brand infused with their personality and passion surrounding music and youth development.

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Gilroy Foundation

Building community through a refreshed online presence

Gilroy Foundation knew their old web presence wasn’t reflecting the spirit of the local community. We helped them create a new website and brand that communicated a much friendlier and approachable tone to those in their local and surrounding areas.

How it works

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Step 1Book a Call

We’ll chat with you over Zoom regarding your organization and community’s needs. If we’re a good fit, we’ll share our process and what it would look like to work together.

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Step 2Strategize & Implement

We’ll work closely with your team to understand your goals, your mission, and your community. From there, we’ll translate your unique identity into a cohesive, strategic web presence.

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Step 3Grow Your Impact

By the end of our work together, you’ll have a revitalized online presence that impresses your board, leadership, program participants, donors, funders, volunteers, and everybody in between.

Ready for a chat? Schedule your free strategy session today