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Nonprofit Annual Report Guide: Examples & Tips for Creating an Impactful Design

Whether you’re looking for a professionally designed impact report for print, a user-friendly online annual report, or something you can easily DIY, this list has an example for you! In addition to links and screenshots, we’re sharing specific pointers on effective copywriting and visual design for your nonprofit annual report.
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How to Create Nonprofit Branding That Resonates

Practically speaking, what is nonprofit branding? Starting from the most important to the least important, we’re covering the top 6 “branding keys” for any nonprofit or impact organization. (Spoiler alert: fonts, colors, and logos come last!)
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6 Practical Reasons Why Nonprofit Brand Matters

A poorly articulated, half-baked brand won’t necessarily prevent you from doing the important work you’re doing, but great nonprofit branding can take what you’re doing and multiply your impact to an incredible degree.
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