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  • Build stronger relationships.
  • Increase your donations.
  • Make your mission matter.

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    Pixel Lighthouse

    Digital marketing, branding & website strategy for nonprofits

    Website Design

    An outdated, messy website stands between you and your mission. We’ll build and implement a new web design based on your audience and strategic goals.

    Brand Strategy

    Branding is all about being memorable. We’ll help you stand out in the minds of donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries with strategic brand identity and expression.

    Online Marketing

    Make sure all of your nonprofit’s online marketing channels are working together to raise awareness, funding, and impact—from donation pages to newsletters.

    Make sure your nonprofit website is answering donors’ questions, guiding them to take action, and paving the way for your impact to grow. (And preventing some staff headaches, too!)

    Our Results

    We help nonprofits get a website that just works

    • Speaks with purpose and clarity
    • Builds trust with your community
    • Establishes and positions your brand effectively
    • Answers your audience’s questions before they ask
    • Nudges them down the path you’d like them to take
    • Encourages more donations
    • Saves your staff time from manual input and management

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      Is your nonprofit website making life harder, not easier?

      Many impact organizations grow faster than their websites can keep up. And that’s a good thing because it means you’re bringing impact to your mission.

      At the same time, though, outdated websites become clunky, messy, confusing, and tangled. Your message is both overextended and diluted—trying to reach everyone but in reality reaching no one.

      Your programs evolve, but your website doesn’t.

      Take a minute and ask yourself:

      • Is your purpose, mission, and impact crystal clear?
      • Can people find what they’re looking for?
      • Does the visual design scream “early internet”?
      • Are there tons of words, but too few real messages getting across?
      • Can your staff keep your programs, images, and reports up to date?
      • Do funders know what you do and how you do it?
      • Does your website create more frustration than it solves?
      • Are there so many problems you don’t even know where to start?

      If these sound familiar, you aren’t alone!

      Most nonprofits don’t need a “new website.”

      If you update your nonprofit website with just another nonprofit website, then you’ll get something that falls into the same trap. Soon it’s outdated, things get confusing, the problems start stacking up…

      Before long, you could go back through the bullet list above and find yourself answering the same questions in the exact same way.
      So what’s the answer?

      Most nonprofits need a better website strategy.

      Upfront planning and thorough strategy is what prevents your nonprofit website redesign from immediately running into the exact same problems.

      You don’t need a website, you need a revamped strategy. One that’s based on:

      • Your core values
      • Your mission and vision
      • Your specific audience’s needs, expectations, and desires
      • Your fundraising strategy—current and future!
      • Your programs and operations
      • Your vision for the future

      This kind of strategy takes time to build. It’s not something you can create from a template, and it’s not the type of website redesign that’s done in a week.

      But when strategy is done right, you’ll get a website that makes life easier, not harder.


      Starting your nonprofit website project is easy

      STEP 1 Pick a good time

      Book a spot on our calendar for a free 30-minute strategy call. Come with a few questions or concerns ready to discuss, and we’ll do the rest!

      STEP 2 Tell us about your website

      By phone or video chat, we’ll dive into your organization’s goals together to help you strategize the most critical aspects of your website project.

      STEP 3 Know your next steps

      You’ll walk away with practical recommendations to improve your nonprofit website, which you can take to any agency, developer, or in-house staff.

      About Austin & Andrea

      Hi, we’re Pixel Lighthouse!

      We’re Austin and Andrea.

      We help nonprofits create websites that serve their mission and increase their impact.

      Combining our professional backgrounds in software and marketing, we work with impact organizations to make strategic, highly targeted improvements to their online presence. We only work with organizations whose missions we genuinely believe in—ensuring that we match our clients’ passion in every project.

      Wondering if we’re a good fit? Book a free call.

      What nonprofits say about working with us

      "We receive more donations and track them better"

      With Austin’s help, we’re able to receive more donations and track them better without getting buried in all that data.

      Austin goes out of his way to meet your organization’s needs while remaining in-budget and on time. He helped us to accomplish our goals with our various web-based fundraising efforts and made the entire process a breeze. I would highly recommend him to other nonprofits who are seeking to expand their web presence.

      Maria Ochoa Operations Manager, GRACE, Inc.
      "Wonderful to work with!"

      Austin is thorough, clear, patient, flexible and wonderful to work with! Although Austin is an outside provider, he feels like part of our team because of the care and dedication he gives to his work.

      Cristina Cartagena Operations Manager & Executive Assistant, End Child Poverty in CA
      "Translates web-speak into layperson terms"

      Austin is an excellent and communicative team member who listens to what we need to get done and suggests the best ways to do it. Updating a website can be confusing with multiple iterations and approvals, so the fact that Austin is proactive, clear, and quick in his responses helps us keep our projects humming along.

      Evelyn Shoop Outreach Consultant, Evelyn Shoop Editorial

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