Case Study #1

Website rebranding to reposition Ten16 as a thought leader

"The website launched just over a week ago...we have seen a five-fold increase in people who are reaching out to us."
Sam Price CEO, Ten16 Recovery Network

After creating it internally, Ten16 realized that their website wasn’t positioning their org as the resource they wanted to be in the recovery space.


Ten16 hired Pixel Lighthouse to work on the strategy behind their brand and turn that strategy into a website that establishes them as a resource to their community and a thought leader in the recovery space.

End result

Pixel Lighthouse helped Ten16 go from a website that didn’t present information in an easy-to-understand manner to a web presence that provides a clear visitor journey for their community. The new site takes an empathetic approach to their clients and client family members by letting them know that Ten16’s in their corner and that a life without substances is possible for everyone.

Their website used to only bring 4 or 5 inquiries each week for their services. Within a week of launching the new site, their site was bringing in 4 or 5 every day.

Case Study #2

Website rebranding to tell a new story

"Pixel Lighthouse completely exceeded our expectations and did an incredible job telling our story through our website."
Madison Gonzalez Executive Director, Morning Light

Morning Light’s website felt confusing and overwhelming for visitors. They would frequently receive phone calls from hospice health care providers who had been on their website, but the providers often couldn’t find the information they were looking for. Morning Light needed a website that would present a journey for their visitors to take them from where they were (not familiar with Morning Light’s services) to understanding their services and prompting them to reach out.

Additionally, Morning Light operates in a space that’s frequently seen as sad and depressing (hospice care). While the subject matter is heavy, Morning Light wanted to reposition their home as not just another cold place where ill people go to spend their final days, but as a hopeful community where residents come to find joy as they live out the remainder of their story.


Morning Light hired Pixel Lighthouse to architect a new brand that better conveyed the sunny story they wanted to tell as an organization. Afterward, we identified the different audiences and the journey we wanted to take visitors on. Finally, we took their new brand along with the journey and turned it into a website that repositioned Morning Light as the hopeful resource they want to be to their community.

End result

Pixel Lighthouse helped Morning Light move from a website that felt somewhat cold, clinical, and distant to a web presence that exudes the warm, welcoming spirit that comes through in their face-to-face interactions. But above all, the new website conveys Morning Light’s mission in an easy-to-understand way that directs visitors to reach out and begin a conversation.

Case Study #3

Website rebranding to get visitors taking action

"Our finished website literally brought tears to my eyes. Tears of joy."
Eric Paad Executive Director, The Caregiver Incentive Project
"The success that we've received with visitors coming to our website has been above 100%."
Kaylee Quertermus Director of Communication and PR, The Caregiver Incentive Project

Caregiver Incentive Project (CIP) wanted to ramp up their marketing efforts, but realized that their current website didn’t represent their work well. They needed a new place where they could drive visitors and get them taking action.


CIP hired Pixel Lighthouse to identify the story they wanted to tell on the website and turned that into a cohesive brand experience. With the strategy outlined, PL created a website that helped to educate visitors about their cause and prompted them to take that next step with CIP.

End result

Pixel Lighthouse helped the CIP go from a site that didn’t fully connect with their visitors to a web presence that conveys their mission, expresses a strong brand identity, provides useful resources, and directs people to take action.