About Us

About Us

We’re Austin and Andrea.

We help nonprofits create websites that serve their mission and increase their impact. 

We’re a husband-and-wife team originally from Texas, though we’ve spent the last 7+ years working remotely while travelling. We began our journey in Asia to be closer to Andrea’s extended family in Japan, and we’ve since traveled around the globe. These days, we’re most often found somewhere in Europe.

After each working solo for many years, we started Pixel Lighthouse to bring our skills and experience together and to be able to dedicate ourselves to organizations that align with our core values.

Speaking of values… let’s talk about ‘em!

Our Core Values & Beliefs

This is how we do business and how we strive to show up in every interaction.

Your nonprofit is unique.

A lot of digital agencies will hear that you need a website and immediately make a thousand assumptions—but we don’t. We go into each project with fresh eyes and a beginner’s mind, curious about your nonprofit’s unique concerns, audience, and story.

We’re collaborative.

If our travels have taught us anything, it’s that there’s always more than one way to get somewhere. Rather than prescribing an end-all-be-all solution, we’ll work collaboratively with you to explore all of the most proven strategies. We’re your partner in furthering your impact!

Good things take (some) time.

We won’t talk to you once, throw together a website, and call the job done. We know that real impact can only come from a deep understanding of your nonprofit, and we don’t cut corners on the work required to gain that knowledge.

We’re an empathetic partner.

We know you have too many hats to wear and too many things to do. We’re respectful of the fact that any strategic project is just one of many things on your plate—so we show up ready to take the lead, to deliver what and when we say we will, and to always consider the project from your perspective as well as ours.

We’re an open book.

As a small team, we’re very close to the projects we take on and don’t commit to things that we can’t deliver. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable opening a dialogue and making suggestions, and we work hard to create an environment of candor and collaboration.

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    A Little More About Us

    Austin and Andrea met while working at our college library.

    Since then, we’ve moved more times than Andrea cares to count and have been fortunate to be able to travel to over 20 countries together. Cherished memories include a four-generation family reunion in Southern Japan, riding the Manakamana cable car in Nepal, and hiking Mount Hallasan on Jeju Island.


    Austin is a software developer who has worked with dozens of clients in the environmental and education spaces. Growing up in a small rural town, Austin’s made it his mission to explore as many countries and cultures as possible. When not working, he enjoys reading classic fiction and studying foreign languages.


    Andrea is a copywriter and graphic designer who loves helping organizations communicate more effectively through both imagery and the written word. She served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in South Africa and, when not at the computer, is probably making a mess in the kitchen, doing yoga, or embroidering by hand.