About Pixel Lighthouse

Pixel Lighthouse is a small agency—just the two of us!—built on a decade-plus of experience in programming, marketing, and communications in the for-profit space. After each working solo for many years, we started Pixel Lighthouse to bring our skills together and to dedicate ourselves to impact orgs that align with our core values.

From our home base in Texas, we’ve spent the last 8 or so years working remotely and traveling as much as possible, splitting our time between the States and various countries abroad. We’re a small team and do everything in house (no subcontractors). We only take on projects that we truly believe are a great fit for our expertise and our values—and once the project is started, we’ll devote our full attention to making the value of your impact known.

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Austin Hattox

Austin began his professional career at Texas A&M University’s Natural Resources Institute creating websites for conservation orgs and web applications regarding military land use for the Department of Defense. After developing websites for other agencies (ranging from large ecommerce stores to international brands), he began focusing on small nonprofits. In his free time, he enjoys learning new languages, playing board games with his family, and reading about world history.

  • Software development & programming
  • Data visualizations
  • Information architecture
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Technical strategy
lead creative

Andrea Hattox (Schlottman)

Andrea started as a copywriter but has since transitioned into the wider world of graphic design and UX. Her love for clear communication started with the written word, but she knows that effective communication requires more than words alone! Her expertise covers conversion copywriting, engaging content writing (e.g. blogs, case studies, annual reports), and compelling UI/UX design—bringing all of these together to create websites that build connections.

Outside of work, she’s a hand embroidery artist, a lover of her mother’s native Japan, and a mindful yoga enthusiast.

  • Visual brand identity
  • UI design
  • UX wireframing & mapping
  • Accessibility
  • Marketing collateral writing & design
  • Content strategy, copywriting & editing
our process

Ready to address that messy website?

We’d love to hear from you! At Pixel Lighthouse, our process begins with the Nonprofit Beacon, a deep-dive interview into what’s going on with your nonprofit: where you are, where you’ve been, and where you want to go. We do this because we know that we can’t build something without a strategic foundation. From there, we offer custom packages for nonprofit website design, brand assets, and marketing collateral.

We’ll help you tell the right story to the right people—through a website journey that’s clear, easy to navigate, and compelling.

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