Who's Pixel Lighthouse?

“I can think of no other edifice constructed by man as altruistic as a lighthouse. They were built only to serve.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Pixel Lighthouse is a nonprofit website agency built on a decade-plus of experience in content writing, web design, and software development. We’re a small, family-owned team that exists to help nonprofits like you create the next stage in their online presence.

Your brand and website situation may be rocky and it may feel like there are monsters in the watery depths, but we’ll help you shine a light that serves as a beacon to pull in your community and show them the way forward.

Based out of the Dallas / Ft. Worth area of Texas, we work with nonprofits of all focus areas across the US. We only take on projects that we know are a good fit for our expertise and skills. When working with orgs, we devote our full attention to the project to make sure we create a website that drives results for your nonprofit and represents you well — without all the hassle so common to website projects.

Austin Hattox


Austin Hattox

Austin began his career at Texas A&M University’s Natural Resources Institute developing websites for conservation organizations and web applications regarding military land use for the Department of Defense. After working for other creative agencies (building sites ranging from large ecommerce stores to international brands), he shifted his focus to working with nonprofits that more closely aligned with his values.

In his free time, he enjoys learning new languages, reading about world history, and spending time with his daughter.

Creative Lead

Andrea Hattox

Andrea’s love for communication began with the written word, but she knows that meaningful connections are built on more more than words alone. She started out as a conversion copywriter but has since embraced a more holistic approach to communication, combining tailored visual design with impactful language.

Outside of the nonprofit website design world, Andrea is a hand embroidery artist, Austin’s partner and Aurelia’s mom, and a lover of all things literature. She cherishes her Japanese roots and takes every chance she gets to visit her grandmother in Japan.

Andrea Hattox

Our Process

Is your nonprofit ready to grow without the headache?

Your org doesn’t need “just” a redesigned website.

Redesigning your org’s site without the proper groundwork will put you right back where you started. Instead, you need a unified approach that ensures you end up with an online presence that connects with your community.

To reach your many audiences, your nonprofit’s website needs to:

  • Tell a compelling story
  • Create a strong impression
  • Build deep trust
  • Take visitors on a journey through your mission
  • Reflect the needs of your community
  • Be simple and easy to manage internally
  • Inspire meaningful action

Are you ready to get a refreshed brand and website that resonates with your visitors, represents your org well, and enables you to do more good in the world?