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Ultimate Guide to a Nonprofit Newsletter Welcome Email

With 2x higher open rates, the welcome email is one of the most important communications in any nonprofit newsletter. Get tips on creating an onboarding sequence that sets the stage for a great relationship!
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Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Craft Stories That Build Relationships & Motivate Supporters

Storytelling is critical to any nonprofit organization that needs to motivate supporters. (Which is every nonprofit, right?) These tips will help you craft a compelling narrative and incorporate that overarching story in engaging micro-stories.
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The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Website Content [Checklist + How To]

By starting with the one question at the heart of it all, we can build out a clear action plan to tackle your nonprofit website content—whether you’re writing a new website or improving a website that’s gotten messy over time.
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Nonprofit Annual Report Guide: Examples & Tips for Creating an Impactful Design

Whether you’re looking for a professionally designed impact report for print, a user-friendly online annual report, or something you can easily DIY, this list has an example for you! In addition to links and screenshots, we’re sharing specific pointers on effective copywriting and visual design for your nonprofit annual report.