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Protect the Harvest Website Messaging Mission Clarity Update to reflect new focus Tone of Voice Continue to move away from "anti" sentiments Scannability "You"-Focused Differentiators Length Some pages feel too long (About) Design Layout Feels dense & dated Spacing Motif Need a stronger visual theme Imagery Logo Simplify as discussed in our call Colors Typography Use a stronger font Platform Content Management System Use a platform you can manage internally (no outside agency required) Accessibility Fix color and alt text issues Tech & Integrations Site Speed Optimize images and site assets Content Stories Newsletter Create onboarding sequence for new subscribers Calls-to-Action Add them to more blog posts Visuals Social Proof
Last updated: March 15th, 2023 - 07:23 am

Current situation

Where you are vs. where you’d like to be

Big idea
Educational First Steps is an organization that provides coaching, consulting services, and professional development to early education professionals in the North Texas area.

More detail
As with any locally based nonprofit, Protect the Harvest exists to serve the needs of the local people and community. To that end, Protect the Harvest provides early childhood education centers with the support, training, and materials required to become nationally accredited—helping hardworking entrepreneurs in diverse communities not only improve the quality of their instruction but also succeed as a business.

Description of main program or focus area
Through its signature Four Steps to Excellence program and other services, Protect the Harvest transforms these centers into true preschools, improving education outcomes, preparing children for a successful academic future, and closing systemic gaps in early childhood education and school readiness.

Transition to website
As with any nonprofit trying to better meet the needs of your community, your website has become an area for concern. So far, communicating the nuances of your mission and positioning Protect the Harvest as a thought leader in the early education space—at least through your website—has proven difficult. Among the top concerns is the overall site experience. Rather than just serving as a static billboard that visitors can pass by and ignore, you want a website that takes visitors on a journey, helping to draw people in as you enter into the next phase of growth. But going even further: you should have full control over that visitor experience, without any static or hard-coded sections. Protect the Harvest will only continue to shift as you grow, and you need a website that you can fully own as the needs of your organization and community develop moving forward.

Elaboration on website problems
Furthermore, you feel like your website isn't being leveraged as the educational tool that it could be. You have a lot of great resources to offer your audiences (from board members to potential partner centers), but they aren’t displayed in a way that makes it easy for people to scan, navigate, or understand. This can make it difficult for people to grasp what you do and how you’re relevant to their lives.

Website better future
As you ramp up your online communications, you want to create a central hub (website) to which you can direct people to learn more and get people taking action. You want a website that finally communicates your unique positioning as not just another organization in the ECE space, but as a thought leader transforming North Texas communities through your unique service model.

Website better future ending
You also want the website to connect the dots between what you do, who it's for, and why it matters. It should clearly and succinctly lay out the path for donors, partner centers, parents, community and civic leaders, as well as clients. And above all, you want a website that encourages those same audiences to take action, whether that be making a donation, applying to Four Steps to Excellence, finding a local ECE center, reaching out to begin a conversation, or anything in between.

Opportunities & Recommendations

How to get there

Summing It Up

To summarize, your current website doesn't effectively communicate Protect the Harvest's desired branding, messaging, and overall positioning. By making the website more closely align with the way you speak about Protect the Harvest face to face and by expanding the site to more closely speak to the needs of your audiences, you'll get your programs and information in front of more people, create more of a hub that can more authentically convey your mission and impact, and position Protect the Harvest as a thought leader in the early childhood education space.

Target Audience



Core ideas, words, & concepts


These are the pages that would appear in the main navigation menu. Under each page, we have listed out the recommended content and page structure to build a cohesive and compelling visitor journey.

Utility Menu

(A bar across the top of each page, above the primary navigation menu)

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • FAQ
  • Member Login
  • Staff Directory
  • Contact
  • Social media buttons
  • [//offsite links like member login, client portal, etc.]


  • Section stressing the importance of [//CONCEPT LIKE EDUCATION] and the need for [//THING THEY DO]
  • Section showing 3 latest blog posts and linking to the larger Blog page
  • Section featuring 3 actionable resources pertaining to [//AUDIENCEs] most frequent questions or concerns
  • Section showing 4 - 6 FAQ items and linking to the larger FAQ page
  • Call-to-action to join your newsletter
Subpages in navigation under Resources
  • Blog
  • Community Voices
  • FAQ
  • Videos
  • Press
  • Find a [//THING]
  • For [//AUDIENCE]
  • Protect the Harvest Updates
  • Partner Spotlights
  • Podcast
  • Media Mentions
  • Events

Our Approach

  • Section introducing the idea of [//what ORG does] for [//RESULT]
  • Section highlighting some of the issues [//COMMUNITY] that Protect the Harvest serves experiences
  • Section featuring some of the ways Protect the Harvest's programs address the above issues and improve [//THING] for [//COMMUNITY]
  • Section covering some relevant data
  • Section displaying a testimonial or [//AUDIENNCE] story
  • Call-to-action to [//do something]


  • Section touching on Protect the Harvest's [//ADJ] approach OR Section covering how Protect the Harvest's programs transform [//THINGS], and communities
  • Section prompting visitors to [//DO NOVEL CTA LIKE QUESTIONNAIRE]
  • Section listing programs and services by category OR [various sections for each major program] Section outlining how you work with [//AUDIENCE] and linking to the appropriate page
  • Section containing Protect the Harvest's partners or a testimonial about Protect the Harvest
  • Section listing some frequently asked questions about your [//programs]
  • Section showing your process for new //participants
  • Section listing 3 resources and linking back to the larger Resources page
  • Call-to-action to reach out to [//MAIN CTA or begin a conversation]
Subpages in navigation under Programs
  • Which Programs Are Right for Me? (questionnaire page)
  • Resources
  • For [//specific audience]
  • [//listing of programs]

Get Involved

  • Section explaining the different ways people can support Protect the Harvest
  • Section directing visitors to the [//TITLE] page
  • Section covering the ways volunteers can get involved with a link to the Volunteers page
  • Section highlighting your advocacy and voting efforts
  • Section outlining partnership and sponsorship opportunities that links to the [//Partners & Sponsors] page
  • Call-to-action to join the newsletter
Subpages in navigation under Get Involved
  • Donate
  • Newsletter
  • Volunteer
  • News
  • Partner with Us
  • Advocacy
  • Ways to Give
  • Support an Event


  • Section containing info on Protect the Harvest as an organization, its philosophy and approach, and its origin
  • Section touching on your approach and linking to the full [//Our Approach] page
  • Section introducing [//executive director or major person] and [//pronoun] background
  • Section covering Protect the Harvest's history and how Protect the Harvest got started
  • Section highlighting [//main program] and how it works
  • Section linking to the [//subpage] pages
  • Section highlighting your primary audiences with buttons linking to the appropriate pages of the site
  • Section listing some frequently asked questions and linking to the longer FAQ page
  • Section listing Protect the Harvest's partners or a testimonial about Protect the Harvest
  • Section containing some stories from [//audience] Protect the Harvest has worked with
  • Call-to-action to join the [//main Cta]
Subpages in navigation under About
  • Our Approach
  • Our Team
  • Board of Directors
  • Partners
  • FAQ
  • Contact
  • History
  • Outcomes & Impact
  • Careers
  • For Media
  • Awards
  • Mission & Vision
  • Press Kit
  • Media Mentions
  • Photo Gallery
  • Financials & Reporting
  • [//random community-oriented pages]

Donate (//Button)

  • Section that talks about how Protect the Harvest brings awareness surrounding [//FOCUS AREA], why you need support, why you’re a trusted organization, and how funds will be used
  • Section containing your mailing address (for checks)
  • Optimized donation form

Moving Forward

Based on the Nonprofit Beacon, we'll build a brand and website that positions you as the go-to with clear messaging to attract and educate . Your website will serve as a beacon to draw in your ideal community, build relationships, and get visitors taking action.

*Payment terms: We request 50% upfront payment to schedule your project and hold your dates. The remaining balance is due 45 days after the start date of the project or after final approval but before final assets are delivered, whichever happens first. We accept payments via credit card and ACH.